Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why We Create

Standing at the MoPA gallery in Balboa Park, looking at a children's program exhibit, I saw it. My world pulled together a little more; a small ephiphany. That single moment where, for a second, everything seems to make sense.

Before me was a photograph made by a five year old; her name and age typed on a styrofoam plaque. And in the frame there it was: a playmate's face. The angle was off, showing only half of a small latino girl's countenance. Dark brown eyes against a fuzzy, undefinable background resonating with brilliant oranges and blues.

On the same plaque next to the photo, there was a quote from the artist:
"I like Pilar's eyes because they are beautiful."
This is why humans engage in the act of creation, why we feel complelled to take photos, draw, design, and write.  We are daily witnesses to beauty and we are obligated to capture the pulchritude surrounding us.